You do it all, and you try hard to find balance in what you need to do and what you love.  You want to incorporate the hobbies that make you happy, with the ease of fitting it all into your busy lifestyle (and into your purse!).  Why not utilize your 'on-the-go' and wait time by making cards or mini scrapbooks?  Any spot can become an organized mini work space, and your craft load can be lightened with Quick Snippers. 

As with knitting and crocheting, paper crafting is a favorite pastime.  You not only attend card making and scrapbooking parties, but you commute and wait for activities and appointments.  The problems of toting and storing multiple craft scissors are solved with Quick Snippers.  Now, you can replace 6 of your craft scissors with this 1 portable, handy tool! 

We at LIMIRI strive for balance in our own lives, and we enjoy the therapeutic benefits of scrapbooking.  Some of our favorite projects are creating collages and framed scrapbook pages, trimming the images and materials with different designs.  (The creative downtime is priceless, and we love them for personalized gift-giving!)  To be able to fit crafting into our busy days meant that we needed to carry compact tools, materials, and cases…preferably, ones that fit into our that we could create while commuting and at our desks.

Enter Quick Snippers...  A friend said, “I can’t imagine toting around so many craft scissors in my scrapbook bag,” and the idea came about.  From ‘napkin sketches’ to the development of Quick Snippers, the vision becoming reality has been rewarding.  Mini scrapbooks contain the journey's of our lives.

If you’d like to maintain a more organized craft space, and have a little bit more fun with an on-the-go craft tool, check out our Products page.  Create and decorate the keepsakes of your lives!